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Feeling Lost?

That’s completely understandable and even normal. There are many uncertain things in the future – even before factoring in the unfamiliar legal process of a divorce or other family law situation.

First Steps?

A great first step is to contact a family law attorney for an initial appointment. During your initial consultation, we’ll take some time to get to know each other and then discuss your situation and options for how to guide your legal matter to its conclusion. Finally, we’ll discus what your possible next steps could be so you can plan the actions to take after your consultation.

Your appointment will be tailored to you and we’ll cover as many questions and concerns as time allows.


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I trust Suzanne as she has much experience, is personable and has been a strong voice for me when I’ve not been able to do that for myself. The best part of working with Suzanne was the openness and flexibility her office has shown with my needs. I can’t think of a single thing I would change. I have recommended Suzanne before and would do so again!”

Shamurla S.

“Suzanne is a very knowledgeable and compassionate attorney and was always available by phone or email. She stayed on top of every detail and was very effective in dealing with the opposing attorney. Suzanne genuinely cares for her clients and I cannot thank her enough for all she did for me.”

Matt B.

What is an initial consultation with an attorney?

How do I prepare for an initial consultation?

How do I choose a good attorney?

Not Ready?

Not quite ready to meet with an attorney? Consider reading Marriages End. Families Don’t. Divorce Wisely., which outlines many helpful and empowering topics.

“If you’ve decided that your marriage is not salvageable, then the next step is to assess the various options available to you, as well as how to hire and work with a good family law attorney.

If you’re headed for divorce, we’ll talk about how you can best support your kids through this difficult transition.  We’ll also take the fear out of the legalities of the divorce and treat it as a business transaction that can be broken down into three aspects.”

From the book: Marriages End. Families Don’t. Divorce Wisely.: The essential handbook for navigating the process of divorce.