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Brangelina Divorce &
Divorcing Divas Conference

Divorcing Divas provides encouragement, inspiration, and empowerment to women who are considering divorce, getting divorced, or are divorced.

(Kare 11 News Clip – Brad & Angelina Jolie Divorce)

Adventures in Prosperity

Suzanne Grandchamp shares how her life, career, and faith journey have intersected and blossomed. (Mile Hi Church)

West Legal Ed Center

The West Legal Ed Center is a website for professional development and continuing education courses.

Presenter at West Legal Ed Center

Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Providing Prospective Divorce Clients with Information and Resources to Assess the State of Their Marriage

Every divorce attorney knows that not every prospective client gets a divorce.  While some clients wanted to be divorced years ago, many people who seek initial consultations don’t want to be divorced and aren’t sure whether their marriage is truly over.

Moreover, these people often have no idea how to assess whether their marriage is salvageable or how to go about repairing it.  Often, they look for guidance on these issues from their attorney!

Find out how to field these issues, which are not generally covered in law school or at the latest family law CLE!  Discover the research on what on what makes a marriage work, as well as the warning signs of a deeply-troubled marriage, so you can empower your clients with this information.  And learn the three keys to successfully referring your prospective clients to a mental health provider when necessary.

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What Happy, Successful Divorce Attorneys Know:

How to Nurture Ourselves and Our Clients

A happy, successful divorce attorney?  What??  Is there such a creature?  Of course!

Come learn the secrets of how to create a satisfying divorce practice through properly nurturing yourself and your clients.  Nurturing yourself begins with creating and executing a Divorce Practice Plan, based on visioning that incorporates your intrinsic needs and values.  Learn how to attract and nurture functional clients who willingly pay their bills on a timely basis.

Sound too good to be true?  Absolutely not!  Learn from happy, successful divorce attorney, Suzanne Grandchamp, how to retool your practice to optimize your satisfaction and that of your clients.

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Social Media:

Friend or Foe in Divorce Cases?

Social Media affects divorce.  It has been estimated that Facebook alone plays a role in the break-up of one in five marriages.  In addition, a survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers indicates that 81% of divorce attorneys had seen an increase in the use of Social Media as evidence in their cases.  Sign up today to learn the Six S (success) theory behind the use of Social Media in divorce cases.  You’ll leave the hour webcast with six important take-aways that you can begin utilizing effectively in your divorce practice.

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Creating a Thriving, Lucrative Family Law Practice

Say goodbye to difficult clients and the drudgery of doing boring work and collecting unpaid accounts receivable.  Say yes to a thriving, lucrative and enjoyable family law practice!  (They exist!)  Whether you are new to the practice of family law or a seasoned practitioner, you will benefit from learning the six steps to creating and maintaining a successful family law practice.

These steps include: 1) creating a personalized practice plan that outlines the terms of your successful practice; 2) getting you ready to receive success and prosperity; 3) enhancing client selection and management; 4) reducing and leveraging your overhead; 5) doing excellent and enjoyable work in an easy and timely fashion; and 6) learning to correctly conclude the business relationship with your clients to promote referrals, cross-marketing and the opportunity for future representation.  Sound too good to be true?  Absolutely not!  Come and join Suzanne Grandchamp, Esq. (who has her own successful family law practice!), and learn how to implement these steps to create your own flourishing, profitable practice.

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Divorce Primer

for New or Non-Family Law Attorneys

Whether you are new to the practice of family law, a general practitioner, or are an established non-family law attorney, you will benefit from this program by getting a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use and remember divorce primer. Generalists and new family law attorneys alike will appreciate this overview as an introduction to divorce practice. Non-family law attorneys will find this basic information useful when posed with the inevitable family law questions, whether at work, at home, or in social settings.

Come and learn the 3 Ss of divorce, including (1) Schedules (custody and parenting); (2) Support (child and spousal); and (3) Stuff (property).  As the webcast reaches a national audience, the presenter will also touch on the differences between community and equitable property states, as well as the UCCJEA (Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act).

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