Constructing a New Plan for Dealing with Difficult People

Constructing a New Plan for Dealing with Difficult People ABOUT Need a new blueprint for dealing with a narcissist, alcoholic, bully or someone whose behavior just makes you want to pull your hair out? Learn strategies for dealing with difficult personalities through this FREE online seminar with expert coach/ therapist, Maren Beckman, and divorce attorney / award-winning author, Suzanne Grandchamp. Pick up tools for[…]

To Spank or Not to Spank

TO SPANK or NOT TO SPANK Research and Thoughts About Corporal Punishment as Discipline As a kid, were you ever spanked, slapped or swatted as a form of discipline?  Did you get the belt when Dad came home?  Was your mouth ever washed out with soap?  Were you whipped with a switch?  If you were,[…]