The Wisdom of Separating Fact from Story

I know that a lot of people (including my divorce clients and me), have to be careful about the stories we tell ourselves.  These stories either supplement, or reduce, our own personal power.  They are the basis of our happiness or they scuttle it. Let’s look at an example.  You and your three best friends[…]

Finding Comfort and Learning in the Shadow

Whether we’re going through a divorce, or just living life, we all experience a range of emotions – some of which are welcome, comfy, and enjoyable. Others show up like the flu – quickly, without warning and unbidden. Anger, jealousy, doubt, worry, judgment, victim-identification., indifference, comparison sarcasm, moodiness, and a whole host of others comprise this[…]

Divorce Wisely by Understanding the Body’s Stress Response

  Your spouse just told you that he/she wants a divorce.  Your breathing quickens and becomes shallow.  Your heart races and feels like it’s beating out of your chest.  Your palms begin to sweat.  You want to bolt.  You literally can’t think of anything to say.   What the heck just happened? You had a[…]